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COVID-19 update for members

Waters are now OPEN

We are pleased to be able to report that all Stockton Angling Limited (SAL) and Association of Teesside and District Angling Clubs (ATDAC) waters are now open.

The Angling Trust have successfully negotiated with the UK Government to get angling recognised as one of the small numbers of activities allowed under the first phase of the lifting of the lockdown, and we expect that all members will read and fully comply with the guidelines listed on the Angling Trust website

Keepnets may now be used where the respective rules of SAL and ATDAC allow.

The "social distancing" for anglers is 15 metres on all fisheries, although members of the same household can share pegs and tackle if appropriate.

Members are also expected to practice good hygiene at all times, particularly the use of hand sanitisers and/or disposable gloves as padlocks and gates could be a mechanism for virus transmission. However members should ensure that before handling fish, traces of hand santiser have been removed. Members should note that the Winston hut is not be used until further notice.

Please also check the notice boards at fisheries, in case we have had to introduce any short-term measures or restrictions. Members should only use the designated car parking areas and if a car park is full, you should not park on other road verges or private land. During these difficult times, members are expected to act in a courteous manner at all times in any interactions with riparian owners or members of the public.

All members must ensure they hold a valid Environment Agency licence, that their SAL 2020 subscriptions have been paid to our treasurer and that a 2020 car parking disc is displayed at all times.

Finally, in these extraordinary times, the club expects members to help make this lockdown phase one concession work. Should any member choose to ignore any of the above prerequisites for going fishing, they may find themselves the subject of disciplinary proceedings.

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Welcome to the Stockton Angling Limited website. Stockton Angling Limited was founded over 100 years ago in late Victorian times with fishing waters under its control in the lower reaches of the River Tees and around Over Dinsdale and the Worsall area.

In 1922 and 1957 additional fishing was purchased on the upper reaches of the River Tees in the Winston/Gainford area, on both banks of the river.

Over the years, waters have also been acquired at Middleham on the River Ure. More recently, control of the Over Dinsdale fishing reverted to the Over Dinsdale Estate, but new waters secured in the Aislaby and Middleton one Row areas more than compensate for the loss.

All in all the club offers good coarse and game fishing in it's own right, and as founder members of the Association of Teesside and District Angling Clubs (ATDAC), and the Lower Tees Amalgamation, members also enjoy fishing from Thornaby, upstream to Preston Park, and at Sockburn and Over Dinsdale.


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Stockton Angling Limited Waters

River Tees Angling
River Tees Angling
River Tees Angling

Stockton Angling Limited has fishing for trout, grayling and coarse fish on some of the best stretches of the River Tees, with over 10 miles at Gainford, Winston, Dinsdale, Middleton-one-Row, near Darlington, Worsall and Aislaby, near Yarm. Further stretches of excellent fishing can be found on the River Swale at Moreton Brdge, and on the River Ure at Middleham.

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