stockton angling limited

General Information

Fishing Seasons

The River Tees close season for the following species of fish are as follows (all dates inclusive):-

Salmon1 November31 January
Sea Trout1 November2 April
Trout1 October21 March
Coarse Fish15 March15 June

Please Note that the use of maggots during the coarse fish close season is forbidden by Environment Agency byelaws.

Polite Warning to Poachers

WarningStockton Angling Limited takes the threat from poachers very seriously. Our waters are patrolled regularly by bailiffs and we will prosecute any poachers found on Stockton Angling Limited waters.

Membership Cards

Members are reminded that current membership cards must be carried when fishing the waters. Any member fishing without a current membership card will be asked to leave the water.


All members are reminded to take their litter home with them. Please do not leave any litter on the banks when you leave the waters.