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Further work sessions at Westgate Pond are scheduled for the following dates. Start time is 10:00 and we usually finish by about 14:00. Most of the work now is burning all of the felled trees and undergrowth, although we still have some brambles and saplings to be cut and cleared.

Hope to see a few new faces there - contact Paul Richmond on 07815 818 030 if you want more details.

Saturday 10th Feb, Monday 12th Feb, Wednesday 14th Feb, Saturday 17th Feb, Monday 19th Feb, Wednesday 21st Feb, Saturday 24th Feb, Monday 26th Feb, Wednesday 28th Feb and Saturday 2nd March 2024.


Details can be found on the “SAL Members Only” page.

Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, Bowesfield Ponds

The club has received a request for assistance from the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust regarding the ponds at Bowesfield.

Should any club member see someone fishing the Bowesfield ponds, could they please report this to the Environment Agency incident hotline number: 0800 807 060.

It would also be helpful if any incident number provided could be e-mailed to: and/or sent to mobile number 07713 985 446.

Please note that as the fishing on the ponds in question is not owned/leased by us, we do not expect you to challenge anyone seen fishing there.

High Worsall, Holme Farm

Members should be aware that the Holme Farm landowner has recently carried out some riverbank erosion rectification work. This has made swim access in a number of places very difficult, and members should exercise great care when fishing parts of this stretch.


2022 was one of the best years ever at Westgate Pond (particularly for the number of tench caught), but 2023 has been a very different story. We have consulted our contacts at the Environment Agency, who have provided funding to improve the water quality by treating the pond with powdered chalk (to accelerate the breakdown of the leaf debris and the silt). They have given us over 2,000 fish, and recommended that we improve the dissolved oxygen content of the water by ensuring a better wind/wave circulation around the pond.


The ATDAC committee have asked me to organise work parties to cut down as many trees as possible, so that we get a more effective aeration of the water as possible. We need to complete this work before next spring, and so are looking for a group of volunteers to work on a major tidy-up including tree felling and lopping, hedge cutting, undergrowth clearance or even just stacking all the debris for burning.

Please contact Paul Richmond (tel: 07815 818030, or email: for more details.

October 2022, ATDAC Parking permits must be displayed

Some ATDAC members are STILL not displaying a current permit in their vehicles when parking at Bishopton Mill, Westgate or Piercebridge. This has led to a recent complaint from one of the Piercebridge water landowners, of cars parked at his farm where he is unable to confirm they are ATDAC members because no permit is displayed.

The ATDAC committee have worked very hard to establish a good working relationship with this landowner. Please note that any member found to be in breach of this rule will be severely dealt with.

October 2022, Winston Bridge Ladder Access

Work to replace the old ladder is now complete. The new access ladder features a cranked handle design which provides safer and easier access for members.

11th November 2021, Barbel Stocking

The club is delighted to announce that following liaison with the Environment Agency, 1,000 barbel and 1,500 chub from the EA's Calverton facility were released last week in to the club's lower Tees waters. The barbel ranged from 7″ to 10″, and the chub from 4″ to 6″.

We would request that any club member catching small barbel reports this to the club at either , or using the contact details to be found on the back of your rules booklet.

Boats on SAL Waters

The SAL board is requesting that should members observe boats on SAL waters which are either moored to the bank or using excessive speed, the details of the incident are reported to the club secretary at the club's email address,

Should members be also able to take a photograph of the boat, or failing that, provide a description and/or any other means by which the boat may be identified (such as a name or number), that would be extremely helpful.

Working on ATDAC River Fisheries

Farmers and Gamekeepers have reported continuing problems with poaching and theft of farm property. Whilst we as fishermen enjoy the right to roam the river bank and cast a line, the sight of somebody wandering around without fishing tackle is not allowed (our rights are to fish) and sets alarm bells ringing.

The legality is that maintenance work trimming trees etc should be agreed with the farmer prior to any work being carried out, also there are implications with insurance cover for members acting independently on unapproved maintenance.

There are on occasion anglers on the river bank who do not have fishing tackle but are in fact carrying out well intentioned maintenance work. We do not want to discourage this, far from it, all help is much appreciated. However, this needs to be done properly and the right people informed beforehand of your expected presence.

Dick Sidgwick Tel 07870680953 and Paul Richmond Tel 07815818030 plan and carry out regular work on the river bank liaising fully and with agreement from the farms. To preserve good relations we request anybody planning or wishing to help work on the river bank please speak to Dick or Paul beforehand.

All offers of help will be welcomed.

Aislaby Grange Fishing

A fully automatic gate has now been installed at the Aislaby Road entrance to our Aislaby Grange fishery. When you approach the gate it will be closed. Simply drive up to the gate and it will open automatically and will also do so when you leave.

WarningWARNING: This gate has an automatic timer. It will lock itself at the fishery closing time shown on the notice board at the farmyard entrance and will re-open at 8.00am in the mornings. If you have not passed through the gate by closing time your vehicle will not be released until the following morning and you will be responsible for finding your own way home.

It is unfortunate that these measures have had to be introduced but the intrusion of thieves, poachers, and people in 4 x 4s on to our landlords property has made them necessary. They are not a result of any misbehaviour by our members.

The closing times for the fishery are:-

June to September   8.00 pm
October to May   5.00 pm

If you ignore these times the gate will NOT be unlocked to release your vehicle.

Failure to observe these times will result in disciplinary action which could include expulsion from the club.

River Quality Monitoring


We started a programme led by Tom Ayre, to monitor the invertebrate life of the River Tees through a process known as Kick Sampling.

We intend to repeat this programme this year and subsequent years.

If you are interested in helping please contact the club by email.

ATDAC Rules being broken at Bishopton Mill

We have experienced a number of problems with angler's behaviour on this fishery. There is no evidence that this is Stockton Angling members but please be aware of the situation and observe the following:-

  1. Residents disturbed - Local residents are being disturbed by early morning anglers and gates to the fishery are being left open.
  2. 7.00am opening - Please be aware that arrival on this fishery is not allowed before 7.00am.
  3. No night fishing - you must leave the water no later than one hour after sunset.
  4. Behave quietly - When arriving and leaving please behave quietly and observe the 10mph speed limit.
  5. Park responsibly - No parking is allowed on the access road or its verges. If the car park is full we must leave the water immediately.
  6. Close the gates - Please ensure that you close all gates immediately you have passed through them whether arriving or leaving. The expensive otter fencing that ATDAC has installed is wasted if gates are left open.

Bank Digging

Once again it has been reported by our bailiffs that fishing platforms are being dug into the banks on our Lower Tees water. Such digging often leads to severe erosion of the banks and at worst undermines flood defences. Such actions are strictly against club rules (Rule 17).

Any member found digging fishing platforms will be subject to disciplinary action which can include expulsion from the club.

Parking at Low Middleton, Dovecot Field

The ownership of the Dovecot Field has changed and members are no longer permitted to park in the Stack Yard. Members will now have to park in places at the roadside. There have been recent reports of members parking in, and obstructing farm gates contrary to club rules.


Help us protect our waters

Recent evidence of serious poaching and fish theft on the lower reaches of the Tees, including the discovery of multiple fixed lines for Pike, has led to the introduction of new policing methods by the club River Keepers. These problems could quite easily migrate upriver to Aislaby, Low Worsall etc.

Our River Keepers have discovered evidence in the past of overnight stays, fire pits, bin bags of rubbish etc. on our waters.


Initially focused on these lower reaches, we aim introduce patrolling in pairs, the use of walkie-talkies, the wearing of more obvious and official identification and better planning to ensure that we cover all of the waters.

Please support the River Keepers by telling us about any problems you encounter on any of our waters.

You can do this by emailing details to the club at either, or We WILL act on your information. If you don't want to send details just email your name and phone number and we will call you back.